January 27, 2020

SEMRush - Analysis of keywords and competitors

When you get to the SEMRush main page for the first time, especially as a beginner, you ask yourself what this service is all about.Not because SEMRush doesn't have a manual, but because of a lack of experience in the field of keyword and competitor analysis.To counteract this, let's take a closer look at some of the SEMRush functions.


If we enter the domain of interest in the search field, we will receive the "SEMRush main report for the domain”. It shows the search terms from organic search and AdWords, as well as the competitors in organic search and the AdWords results as well as the ads texts and potential buyers and sellers of traffic and advertising. Accordingly, we can click on each of the reports and view them in full.

For example, enter the domain "amazon.de” in the SEMRush search field and select the German database. In a few seconds SEMRush shows us some tables with the information about the domain. The left column contains the information on the search term volumes, including information on Google DE search engine and Adwords traffic.

Of course, the SEMRush reports can be exported as XLS and CSV files. The corresponding button is located in the upper right corner above each report.

We come to the individual reports in the SEMRush main report.The search terms in Google's organic search and the statistics for further processing. These are the search terms with which the selected domain (amazon.de in our case) ranks in Google.There is always something interesting to discover in these reports.These search terms are not necessarily the ones for which the website has been optimized.

If the analyzed domain uses Google AdWords advertising, all these search terms will be displayed in the SEMRush Adwords search terms report. Even the associated Adwords advertising boxes can be displayed with a click of the mouse. By the way, there is a separate report for the advertising texts.

Next are the reports on the competitors of the respective domain. The competition analysis is done at SEMRush using two reports: competitors in organic search and in Google AdWords. Everything is pretty simple here, the service lists all domains that rank in the organic search or AdWords results for the same search terms as the selected domain. It is not surprising that pages like Wikipedia almost always appear in the reports. This website is ranked for almost all keywords.

If we click on "common search terms” with one of our competitors, we can see how well we compete.SEMRush shows us the positions of the two competitors in the Google TOP 20. So you can not only observe and control the competitors, but also borrow their keywords for your own optimization. The keyword ideas are in front of you on the presentation plate.

The following screenshot shows a competitive analysis between ebay.de and amazon.de.The graphical comparison of the two domains on the left is also very clear.

The reports provide interesting information for "potential traffic buyers and sellers”. Let's imagine that we rank in Google's TOP20 organic search with the search term "free on appstore download”. In the report for "potential buyers” we see the domains that advertise this search term in Google AdWords. That means we could contact the operators of these domains and sell them the advertising on our website. They have a budget!The reverse applies to the report for "potential ads / traffic sellers”. We could contact the websites and possibly buy our advertising cheaper than through AdWords.

SEMRush offers a free subscription, but to use it sensibly, it is recommended to purchase a PRO account for USD 49.99 per month. An API is also available for this rather low amount, so that the data collected can be used for further analysis.In addition to the German database, there are also 8 others that cover the following Google versions: US, UK, FR, RU, AU, IT, BR, ES. The entire database contains more than 80 million keywords and over 40 million domains.

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